What does a Coxswain Grade 3 allow you to do?

Coxswain Grade NC3

Coxswain Grade 3 replaces the previous Marine Safety (Low Complexity Duties) Exemption (commonly known as Exemption 38). This is a very popular, low cost entry course to command a commercial vessel as a Coxswain.  This exemption requires a demonstration of competency for 3 units of competency.  

  • MARI003 Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres (or equivalent).
  • MARK007 Handle a vessel up to 12 metres (or equivalent).
  • MARN008 Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres (or equivalent). 

     To see details of where the Coxswain Grade 3 applies and the conditions of use please see below or please call us at 0412 201 767

    Coxswain Grade 3 course enrolment

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    How to enrol in a Coxswain Grade 3 Course

    How do I obtain a Coxswain Grade 3?

    This is probably one of the most common questions we receive. If you found us on the internet then you most likely have that ability to use a computer. That being the case obtaining your Coxswain Grade 3 is an easy 3 step process.

    1. Complete the Coxswain course enrolment and complete online activities and assignments based of the level of knowledge required for the Coxswain Grade 3. We estimate this will take about 10 hours of pre study.  (Complete the Marine Radio  if required – approx 4 hours).  This stage can be completed anywhere online. (We currently have students studying overseas)
    2. Complete a final course written assessment – 1  hour allowed
    3. Attend the Coxswain 1 day practical training and assessment for Boat Handling and Seamanship activities. On successful completion receive your Coxswain NC3 documentation.

    Our courses are designed for candidates who wish to complete the course in a reasonable time frame suited to individual work and personal situations rather than taking months of part time college attendance. 

    Knowledge required to be a Coxswain in command of a Domestic Commercial Vessel

    The areas of knowledge required of a Coxswain Grade 3 include:

    • Vessel Survey Categories and areas of operation
    • Safety Management Systems
    • Manoeuvering a vessel
    • Anchoring
    • Fight & Extinguish Fires
    • Splicing, Knots, Hitches and Seamanship Skills
    • Marine Radio operation
    • Basic Meteorology and Tidal knowledge
    • Basic Vessel Stability
    • International Collision Regulations including IALA Buoyage systems
    • Environmental Regulations
    • Knowledge of Marine Engines


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