Sea Service Letter or AMSA 

Coxswain Task Book

If you wish to claim a reduction in sea service requirements then complete an

AMSA Coxswain Task Book

When making an application to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) for a Certificate of Competency as a Coxswain they will require 2 essential components.
1. Your Coxswain course completion certificate and
2. Evidence of sea service experience.
Providing evidence of sea service experience can be done in one of two ways:
Firstly if you have the required 240 days (NC1) or 60 days (NC2) of sea time then you can provide a letter or Statutory Declaration (a legal document available at any newsagent) outling this experience. To download a Sea Service Letter template to assist you in how to present your boating experience please use this link. (Cost is $9.90)

For a COX NC1 Certificate the 240 days of sea time (Can be 100% recreational or a combination of recreation and/or commercial) is reduced to 30 days commercial with a completed AMSA Coxswain Task Book.

Purchase an AMSA Coxswain Task Book

Coxswain Task Books are now available from AMSA for either a Coxswain NC2 or Coxswain NC1.

If you would like to obtain an AMSA Coxswain Task Book please complete the payment below and send by mail the following:

1. A copy of your Drivers Licence or Passport for ID purposes

2. A Passport Photo, Your Name, Address, Phone and Email details and nominate which Task Book your require (NC2 or NC1).Please send by mail to:

All Hands on Deck Maritime Training
P.O. Box 1044
Newcastle NSW 2300
*PLEASE NOTE: We only keep a limited number on hand at any time, cost is $79.00. Please purchase at this link.

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