Thank you for enrolling in ‘All Hands on Deck Maritime Training’ Coxswain Training Course. 


There are two pre-study components for Coxswains’. The first is to complete the Basic Safety Training component of the course which will allow you to gain an understanding of the knowledge and skills required by all marine crew. The second part is to complete activities and assignments that relate just to Coxswains’.

On successful completion of the course a Certificate I (NC2) or Certificate II (NC1) in  Maritime Operations (Coxswain) will be issued allowing you to submit an application to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) for the issue of the marine qualification. This qualification will allow you to command a commercial vessel up to 12 metres in length uo to 3nm to sea (non passenger carrying) (NC2) or 15nm to sea (passenger carrying) (NC1)  nationally.  

Below you will find links to access the activities and assignment pages. Everyone has their own individual style of learning and studying, nevertheless it is important to read all the relevant information below before attempting the activities and assignments. If at any time a link is broken please us us know (it happens from time to time) and we will fix it straight away.

If you are going to download files to a folder on your computer then to do this go to your Desktop and right click – select New and then Folder. Call the folder ‘COX course’. If you are using a Tablet of Phone and cannot download then you should Bookmark this page.

Part 1 requires you to complete a number of activities and assignments. At this stage you can attempt the activities based on your current knowledge or you can look answer up from the training manuals and resources. When you complete an activity you will receive results back in your email inbox and a copy will also be sent to All Hands on Deck Maritime Training for reviewing and filing. If a result says ‘Review your Answers’ this simply means that you should take self responsibility for your learning and check your answers against the expected answers. If you have made a number of errors then you should try again. If you are comfortable that you understand the subject and did not make many errors then move on to the next subject.

At first glance it might seem like a lot of assignments. Don’t be alarmed. While there are some that may take 15-20 minutes there are others that can be completed in 3-4 minutes. Many people start with the Boat Licence quizzes. This will give you a feel of the activities and also a refresher on the boat licence rules even if you already have a boat licence. The Boat Licence activities only take a couple of minutes each however you can start where ever you like.

Part 2 of the course relates to just Coxswain knowledge which includes engine knowledge, weather, tides, boathandling etc.

Overall we estimate that it should take about 35 hours of self study. If you plan on committing 1 to 2 hours per day you will have these activities and assignments completed in a reasonable period of time.

Part 3 is a course ‘Project’. When the activities and assignments have been completed you should move on to the  ‘Project’ which should be completed without referring to any learning material. When then ‘Project” has been completed your can upload the files to a Dropbox Folder. Please send us a message when you are ready to do this. There is also a requirement to submit some short videos of splicing, knots and hitches. A Dropbox Folder will also be provided for this as well.

Part 4. Finally prior to attending the 4 day practical training you should attempt the ‘Challenge Test’. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNTIL YOU ARE READY. Once you click on the link and start you cannot go back. The Challenge Test is an online activity similar to the Final Written Assessment that you will be given during the practical session.  If you are unsuccessful in the final written assessment you may resit. If you are unsuccessful in the resit this will result in a  ‘Not Yet Competent’ result. You can request additional resits however there are additional costs associated with this.  Please see the ‘Re-Assessment’ section in our Policies and Procedures.

Kind regards

Peter Wood, Training Master

The Project

When the activities in Part 1 and Part 2 have been completed your are ready to complete the Project. There is a document called READ FIRST which is self explanatory.

Please click on the image above when you are ready to complete the Project. When complete please email us for a Dropbox folder link.

The Challenge Test

The Challenge Test is an opportunity to undertake a trial ‘final assessment’. The Challenge Test is time limited and similiar to the assessment given during the 4 day practical training session. DO NOT click on the above until you are ready. Once you start you cannot go back.  You should allocate 1 1/2 hours of free, uninterupted time.